Please find below some of the most common questions we are asked, so we have done our best to answer them.
If there is a question you need to ask please feel free to use the contact form and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Yes we carry ten million pouds worth of public liability insurance and also out equipment is (P.A.T) tested regulary.

(You will receive these documents as part of your booking for your peace of mind or should the venue require them.)

In order to secure a booking you will need to pay a deposit, this usually works out roughly about 20% of the total cost of booking, when you receive a quote it will include the deposit required. For your convenience you may pay via bank transfer, paypal or card.
We are also able to take card payments on the night if this is easier for you.

Yes, all bookings made through xavier-sounds will have a contract, we send our contracts via email and use esign, this is a lot easier and more efficient for both parties, you will also have a copy available to view on your online portal we provide to you free of charge.

Because we now use mainly L.E.D lighting we require a minimum of two sockets as long as they are in close proximity to us, this should be sufficent enough for all our sound and lighting equipment.

I always encourage the completion of a playlist before the night, this is a great help to the DJ, it assists us and gives us an idea of what you the customer and your guests will expect so we can make the necessary preperations before your party.

You can add these on your very own portal before the event and it also has the facility for guest request (you have total control).

On the night guest requests are always welcome, and we will do our best to fit them in.

Yes, we use the very best in sound equipment, when we purchase our equipment we are looking at quality sound as well as the loudness they can deliver, should we need that bit of extra volume, we require it to be clear and not distorted.


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